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Home » Amazon leaves you its best-selling eReader for only 94.99 euros for the Prime Day

Amazon leaves you its best-selling eReader for only 94.99 euros for the Prime Day

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on an e-book to enjoy reading without the distractions of tablets, you might be glad to know that the Kindle Paperwhite is at minimum price on Amazon Prime Day. You can get it for only 94.99 euros.

This e-book readerThe experience of Amazon in this area is guaranteed, offering us 8 GB of internal storageand an electronic ink screen with dimmable lighting so I can read at night, from 6 inches with 300 dpi resolution.

Of course, it has the advantages of this type of screen, such as a no eye strain or zero reflections, as well as being able to read in broad daylight without losing any quality, this Kindle is very light (only 182 grams), and offers us up to 6 weeks of autonomy according to the manufacturer. In addition, it is now also waterproofSo, there is no longer any excuse not to make it our partner outdoors or at the pool and beach.

Kindle 2

Plus, with it, we’ll have the Amazon’s vast catalogue of e-booksAlthough we can add those we want, even if they come from other stores, and we can do it comfortably, thanks to its WiFi connection. And for space, don’t worry, those 8 GB will hold thousands of books.

The usual price of this eReader is 129.99 euros, so if we decide to buy it before the end of the Prime Day, we’ll be saving about 35 euros. In addition, shipping costs, as usual, are free.

You can find out more about the Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon itself.

Kindle Paperwhite 2

Official price: 129,99

Price in other stores:

  • MediaMarkt: 129.99

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