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Amazon minimum price for Motorola’s Moto G8 Power

If the most important thing for you is to get to the end of the day and beyond, your smartphone battery is undoubtedly the aspect to take into account when choosing a new terminal. That’s why the Motorcycle G8 Power from Motorola can be the perfect candidate, and now, on Amazon, you have it at its lowest price yet, for only 199,90 euromatching Fnac’s offer.

This Android smartphone that carries the version 10 of Google’s operating system, offers us a Full HD+ Max Vision screen of 6.4 inchesThe SD665 is an 8-core Snapdragon processor, with a notch, but a “hole”, behind which it hides an 8-core Snapdragon processor, accompanied by 4 GB of RAMoffering us also 64 GB of storage which, as usual, can be extended using MicroSD cards, in this case up to 512 GB.

As we say, the personal hallmark of this smartphone is its autonomy, which it can boast of thanks to a 5,000 mAh battery, which gives it the nickname Power. But it is not lacking in other details such as the rear fingerprint reader, USB-C connector with quick charge, splash protection, connectivity NFC and in the photographic section, it offers us a quadruple main camera, with 16+8+8+2 Mpwhile the front end offers us a sensor for 16 Mpwithout leaving the 4K video recording.

Motorola Moto G8 Power 2

We have it now reduced from 249 euros by about 40 eurosThe price of the product will be calculated by copying the Fnac price, and in both stores without shipping costs.

You can find more information in Angadgets and in our complete analysis in Angadgets Android as well as in the brand’s website.

Motorola Moto G8 Power 3

Official price: 249

Price in other stores:

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