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costs 17.90 euros at Amazon

Amazon has lowered the battery-powered hot-melt glue pencil to its historical minimum price Bosch DIY GluePenwhich can now be ours for only 17.90 euros.

Ideal for handicraft work, SIY or even some DIY tasks, this GluePen battery-powered stick fits in your hand thanks to its ergonomic shape and includes a Micro-USB charger, and four Ultrapower hot melt glue sticks so I can use it right away.

Designed and manufactured by a leading brand like Bosch, one battery charge is enough for 6 glue sticks (30 minutes). Often these glue heaters are wired, which is more uncomfortable when working and limits us to places with electrical current: the fact of functioning with battery makes its use much more comfortable. Another attractive feature of this pen is that it has automatic glue return, which makes it stain less.


We have more information and images on the official Bosch website, although it is advisable to consult the opinions of people who have already tried it, as we can read in the Amazon comments. Some are as positive as this one:

I’m a regular user of crafts and since I use hot melt silicone to stick anything, I prefer it to other alternatives, glue, glue, brush etc. I have a cable gun and I always saw the glue that you depend on a plug to use it correctly, so I looked for something with a battery and found it.
Honestly, the price made me think a lot about buying it, but when I had to do a couple of jobs in the car and on the street, I said to myself, come on a whim!
To say that at the moment I am very happy, the German manufacture shows in qualities and it fulfills what it says in its specifications, there is a great difference in the cleanliness with respect to mine previous of cable (also it is true that it is of the most normal one of a bazaar). It doesn’t leave the fibrils when you remove the gun and the tip always stays clean.


Official price: 44,99

Price in other stores:

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