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now you can have it for only 54.99 euros with 45 of discount

If you’re one of those who hasn’t tried the benefits of Amazon’s virtual assistant yet, it’s time to introduce Alexon with a speaker like the Third generation Echowhich right now, can be found at a new minimum price to date, for only 54.99 euro.

As you may know from this type of speaker, the Echo can exercise control by voice and allows you not only to play music, but also to perform actions such as checking the weather, listening to online radio stations or setting alarms, among many other options.

Thanks also to the great variety of skills available, from many sites and media, to those of Alexa herself, or to those you can create yourself, you can even automate all those actions that Amazon’s assistant is capable of.

Echo Disconnect

In addition, we will be able to interact with our home automation system, such as intelligent plugs or LED lights. Many brands are already compatible with them, such as TP-Link o Philips Hue

As for its features, it has a 76mm woofer and a 20mm tweeter, WiFi dual-band, 3.5 mm audio output.

If we take advantage of it now to get it, it’s 45 euros that we’ll save (in addition to the shipping, which is free), and you can choose it for the same price in black, white or blue.

You will find more information about this device in our analysis in Angadgets.

Echo 3

Official price: 99,99

Price in other stores:

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