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1595976349 Offers on Makita Bosch or Black Decker do it yourself tools
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Offers on Makita, Bosch or Black & Decker do-it-yourself tools and accessories available at Amazon

We collected several offers in branded tools such as Makita, Bosch or Black & Decker available at Amazon:

Silverline screwdrivers 546524


For 8.37 euros we have this set of soft-grip screwdrivers for general use of the Silverline brand consisting of six pieces, three of them with Philips tip and the other three with flat tip.

Workpro file and rasp set


For 15,99 euros we can get this set of files and rasps Workpro is composed of six pieces: flat file, semi-circular file, round file and triangular file, all of them of 200mm. It also comes with a 200mm flat rasp and a 200mm round rasp.

Makita Grinder DGA452Z


This Makita DGA452Z grinder is designed for professionals. It has a small circumference and anti-slip motor housing for one-handed control of the machine. Its weight is 2.3 Kg with a battery voltage of 18 V. It reaches 10,000 RPM, with an external diameter of the disc of 115 mm. It can be ours for 102.90 euros.

Bosch Professional GLI 18V-300 torch


For 39.90 euros we have this Bosch Professional GLI 18V-300 flashlight with a 24-hour autonomy and offers us multiple possibilities of use thanks to the folding mechanism. Its lighting power is remarkable, having six LED bulbs.

Black & Decker drill set A7188


This set of 50 pieces with bits and tips for screwing and drilling is ideal for any home where occasional DIY work is done. It is very complete and comes perfectly organized in a plastic case. It is available for 14.95 euros.


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