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save 120 euros on Apple’s lightest and thinnest laptop

If you were waiting for the launch of the new generation of MacBook Air on the part of Apple to get the thinnest laptop of the brand, you can already buy it at Amazon at the best price, because, instead of paying the official 1,199 euros, they leave it at 1,079 eurosYou can choose it in the three available colors for the same money.

This model is still the entry step to Apple’s portable range, although we are now talking about the latest version, which includes more than enough changes to justify your purchase.

To begin with, we still have the lightness that characterizes this model, which is why it is called Air: only 1.29 kg in weight and a maximum thickness of 1.61 cm, in a 13 inchesThe newest version of the laptop is a comfortable carry-all.

Your screen maintains the resolution Retina (2,560 by 1,600) typical of most of the bitten-apple laptops we already saw in the previous generation, but now it stands out the definitive abandonment of the “butterfly” type keyboard, to incorporate a Magic KeyBoard like the rest of the brand’s portable range, released with the 16″ MacBook Pro.

Macbook Air 2020 2

With Touch ID for unlocking with our fingerprint and a huge multi-touch trackpad with Force Touch, sensitive to the different pressure we apply, the base model, which is the one we are concerned with, now mounts tenth-generation Intel Core i3 processors, at 1.1 GHz, and, although 8 GB of RAMThe most basic capacity is 256 GB instead of the mere 128 we saw before, while the graphics is an integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics.

In terms of autonomy, Apple declares about 11-12 hours for normal tasks, such as navigation or office document management, and up to 30 days in standby.

Macbookair Retina 2

Other details that remain are the backlit keyboard, just two USB-C ThunderboltThe system is designed for everything, (connectivity or battery charging), and of course, WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, but without an optical unit or card reader.

As we said at the beginning, just launched on the market as it is, Amazon now gives us 120 euros less1,199, of course, with shipping included and available at the same price in all 3 colours available (space grey, silver grey and gold).

You can find more information on the Apple website and on Angadgets.

Mbair 2020

Official price: 1,199

Price in other stores:

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