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Take an iPhone 11 in your favourite colour for only 661 euros

You want to get a iPhone 11 at a great price without leaving Amazon? Then you just have to choose it in the color you like from the 6 available and you will take it with a discount of about 75 euros that will leave you with a tight 661 euros. This is the lowest price we have seen so far in this shop.

I’m sure you know her by now. You’ll know that this iPhone has a 6.1-inch LCD Liquid Retina Screenand he rides the new A13 Bionic chipThe new “SonicWave” technology gives you more power and allows you to perform many more operations in less time.

For example, thanks to the now two chambers which incorporates 12Mp wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle, with f/1.4 and f/2.8 apertures respectively, allowing images to be merged to offer an incredible Night Mode, with our shots well lit and sharp even in low light situations. And of course, it doesn’t stop at video, in 4K and 60 fps.Mientras, on the front, we found a True Depth camera, 12 Mp too, capable of offering Face ID for unlocking, and with Retina Flash as a solution when lighting.

Por of course, we still have waterproofing and dust, fast and wireless charging, Dual SIM, with one of them eSIM type, and the capacities of 64, 128 and 256 GB are kept, although in the case of the offer, we refer to the basic one, the 64 GB.


Currently, on Amazon, they leave it to us for about 75 euros less than usual(about 736 euros) remaining as we say in the lowest price to date. We have it available in all 6 colours although white is slightly more expensive. And of course, we have free shipping. To take him for that 661 euros we just have to put him in the basket and finalize the purchase. Don’t worry if the price doesn’t appear at this amount. The offer appears under this one, marked in green.

You can find more information on the Apple website and, of course, on Angadgets.

Iphione 11 2

Official price: 809

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