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the 128GB iPhone SE 2020 on eBay now costs almost
Home » the 128GB iPhone SE (2020), on eBay, now costs almost 40 euros less with shipping from Spain

the 128GB iPhone SE (2020), on eBay, now costs almost 40 euros less with shipping from Spain

Keep going down. The last offer we saw for the new iPhone SE (2020) from 128 GB 10 euros more expensive than now, which we can find on eBay with national shipping, for only 499.99 euroThe cost of the course: almost 40 euros less than the official cost.

As you may know, this new model is a “hybrid” between the older design still on sale in today’s apple smartphones and the more modern hardware. In a body of iPhone 8, we found iPhone 11 hardwarebut at an even cheaper price than the said iPhone 8 which this iPhone SE is also coming to retire.

The “little one of the family” remains the only really compact option among the current models. With no option to choose between diagonals (there is no Plus model), this model is already the only one with the old screen size of 4.7 inchesThe most basic LCD in the range is also maintained.

Iphone Se 2

It is also the last model officially in the catalogue with HOME button and “frames” on the screen. A well-known look that we can choose from in three colours, black and white (not Space Grey), and red (Product)RED although in this case, in the three colors, the front is in black, leaving no room for the white of other previous models.

On the back, we also find the look of the previous iPhone 8, with a single camera, with 12 Mp sensor inherited from the current iPhone 11The camera has no night mode, but it can record video in 4K at 60 fps. In the front photographic aspect, we have a 7 Mp camera which even allows you to use the Portrait Mode.

And inside is where the real beast hides this new iPhone, because, although on the outside it hides behind an “obsolete iPhone” look, inside it houses the same A13 Bionic Chip with Neural Engine third generation than the top of the range. Other details to highlight are the WiFi 6, the NFC chip, the Dual SIM (one of them eSIM), or the IP67 certification of dust and water resistance.

We have it available in black and white, (the red one is sold out), and, as we said at the beginning, compared to the official price for the 128 GB capacity, which is 539 euros, they are 39 euros we saved by asking MeQuedoUno, a trusted Spanish store. They also offer us a 2 year European guarantee, free shipping and also allow us to pay with PayPal.

You can read more about it in our analysis in Angadgets and on the Apple website.

Iphone Se 3

Official price: 539

Price in other stores:

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