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the AirPods with a wireless charging case, now in your pocket, for 158 euros

Not that one euro will make us richer, but buying Second generation AirPods with wireless charging case at the lowest price we have seen so far, even cheaper than what they cost with a conventional case in some stores, it can be a joy. If you’re thinking of getting them, you can have them in your pocket for a few tight ones 158 euros.

You will know the first generation well enough, and if so, you will almost know the second. We’re talking about a headset fully wireless(now more), without cable to unite them, offering us some 5 hours of autonomy by themselves and even 24 hours if we add up the extra charges that the charging case is capable of providing with the battery at full capacity. Because, these headphones are charged simply by storing them in their case, offering 3 more hours with only 15 minutes inside and this being the one we really have to carry.

The change between generations comes mainly from that charging case, which now, in addition to the Lightning cable, can also be charged on any wireless base compatible, with fast charging too. But in addition, we also have enhanced connectivity and not only that, since, with this second generation, Siri can now be invoked from the headset.

Otherwise, everything is the same: they have touch technology and to control them you only have to give them one or two touches, but the most surprising thing about them comes from their W11 chipThe newest version of the iPhone, which can be easily paired not only with the iPhone, but with other devices, including iPads or Macs, and putting them to work just by putting them on. In addition to pausing playback by simply removing them. And of course, also are hands free and not only do they have a microphone on one of them, but both can be used to talk on the phone independently.

Taking into account that the official price of these AirPods is 229 euros, we will be saving 71 euros… And we can even think that the conventional ones, have an official price of 179.

Tienes more information in our analysis in Angadgets and of course on the Apple website.

Airpods 2

Official price: 229

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