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the best deals of the past days on smartphones, consoles, smartwatches, personal care or fashion and shoes

As every Sunday, we don’t want you to miss out on anything; not even one of the offers still available from among those we have seen throughout the week, and so we have gathered them in our weekly overview. With just a glance, you can equip your home, renew your old smartphone, get a new laptop or fill your wardrobe with clothes for the next season. Read on to find out more.

  • Have you got your eye on the new Xiaomi My Note 10 Lite but do you want to buy it for as little as possible? Then don’t miss out on the coupon PJUNIO10 from eBay that leaves you in only 278,10 euro instead of the already cheaper 309 euros in the version with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. We’ll tell you all about it here.

  • And if you prefer to spend even less money, you can also opt for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 which, also on eBay with the coupon PJUNIO10 you’re left with only 152,10 euros instead of 169 with 3 GB RAM and 64 storage. Here you have all the information.

Msi Laptops
  • If you need a laptop and you are a gamer, we do not propose an offer but 9 MSI at Amazon. If your problem is not the budget but you are clear that you want to save some money in addition to getting a very, very powerful computer, you can not fail to take a look.

  • But, if you are looking for a more reasonably priced equipment and especially thinking about the day to day and work, we also have a selection for you with these 8 models of Acer lowered by Amazon.

Switch Lite
  • To kill summer time, nothing like a console like the Nintendo Switch LiteYou can take it with you anywhere, as well as enjoy it at home. On Amazon, you get it now for only 199 euroswith a savings of 20, as we told you here.
  • Watch out for the fancy one. Garmin Vivomove HRThis is a smart watch that combines the advantages of conventional, physical hands with those of activity monitoring, including a heart rate sensor, for only 139 euroswith 60 off this week on MyElectro. We have it to choose from in black, blue and beige and here we tell you more about it.
Roomba 895
  • To save time with the cleaning of the house we have once again on offer the Roomba 981A high-end iRobot, with a Wifi connection and control from a smartphone application, costs us today about 499.99 euro instead of the previous 735.99, so we saved 236 euros no less. Here you have more information about it and about the offer.

  • But if you are looking for an even cheaper model, you can also choose the most modern Roomba e5which now in MyElectro is going to cost you only 299 euros with a 100 euro discount. We’ll tell you about it here.

  • In the heat, on our trips to the countryside or to the beach, it is always good to have a good cool drink or to keep our food at a good temperature. For this, there is nothing like a portable refrigerator that we can take with us everywhere. If you are looking for one, this selection will be very useful.
Ghd Curve Creative Curl
  • Do you like curly hair? Well, if you want to curl it with one of the best rated curlers on the market, you can get the GHD Curve Creative Curl now on Amazon at its lowest price yet, for 139.99 euro instead of the usual 179, reduced by 39 euros. Here you have more information about him.

  • But, if what you really need is a hair iron and you are on a tighter budget, we also have essential information for you with this selection of 6 models of them, all under 50 euros.

  • For personal care, more male than female but also with some electric toothbrush in this selection, you have in Amazon a few articles from Philips which include trimmers and shavers at the best prices.

  • There comes a season when it is more important than ever to take care of the sun. If you want to be well informed about which sunscreens are best valued and about the prices of these, you can’t help but take a look at this selection we have prepared for you.

  • Until the 16th of this month, in Desigual you have a selection of girl’s clothes that you can get the third one for free. And best of all, they’re already 50% off. Be sure to take a look: we’ll tell you all about it here.
Chuck Taylor
  • If for you the Chuck Taylor from Converse are a must of every summer season, here are some shops where you can find them cheaper.
  • For authentic meat gourmets, we once again have an irresistible pack of AmaiketakoWe offer a wide range of products, with sirloins, entrecots and minced beef at a price that is very close to the quality of products such as those used by Berasategui in its restaurants. Here we tell you about it.

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