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the Echo Dot now costs you 25 euros less

This week, we can find on Amazon again the Smart Speaker Echo Dot at a very reasonable price. Instead of the usual 59.99, you can take it home for only 34.99 euro.

As we’ve told you before, this little speaker can exercise control by voice and allows you not only to play music, but also to perform actions such as checking the weather, listening to online radio stations or setting alarms, among many other options.

Thanks also to the great variety of skills available, from many sites and media, to those of Alexa herself, or to those you can create yourself, you can even automate all those actions that Amazon’s assistant is capable of.

Many brands are already compatible with them, such as TP-Link o Philips HueYou can also order food at home, and you can turn the lights on and off just by asking, or order food from Burger King or Telepizza, for example, and you even have your own skills of Straight to the Palate, with hundreds of recipes.

And… in addition to all those incredible functions, you can listen to music, not only from your mobile phone via Bluetooth, but also through online services such as Amazon Music o Spotifywith which it is compatible.

Deciding on him now is going to mean a saving of about 25 euros compared to the 59.99 official ones, and, if we are prime users, we will have it at home without paying a single euro for the shipment.

You have more information about the Echo Dot in Angadgets.

Echo Dot 2

Official price: 59,99

Price in other stores:

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