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the PARAEBAYDAYS coupon is only 639.35 euros

Do you want to get a powerful gaming computer at a mid-range price? Then take a look at the ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT-BQ121 on eBay, where, with the PARAEBAYDAYS couponEden Technology leaves it to us 639,95 euro of real laughter.

We are talking about a laptop from the ASUS TUF Gaming range which, in this case, has an AMD processor and 15 inches and Full HD resolutionwith a weight of 2.2 kg.

This is a device from the powerful AMD processor range, equipped with a Ryzen processor 7-3750HThe NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 video card with 4GB of dedicated memory and a 16 GB of RAM

Besides, we won’t be too tight on storage space with your 512 GB of capacity, nor will we miss the extra agility that the SSD hard drives like the one who rides.

We will also not miss a backlit RGB keyboard, or connectivity and expansion options, thanks to its WiFi or Bluetooth, Ethernet connection, HDMI output, or USB ports; one 2.0 and two other USB 3.1Although we are missing the Windows license.

Como we said at the beginning, use the PARAEBAYDAYS coupon When you buy it, it becomes a real bargain, especially if we compare it with other stores, which have it from 699.99 euros. In addition, here we have without a euro for shipping costs and we can make the payment with PayPal

On the ASUS website you can find more information about this laptop.

S L16001

Previous price: 899

Price in other stores:


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