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1593020482 the Samsung HW R530 bar with wireless subwoofer only costs 149
Home » the Samsung HW-R530 bar with wireless subwoofer only costs 149 euros at MediaMarkt

the Samsung HW-R530 bar with wireless subwoofer only costs 149 euros at MediaMarkt

If you’ve just launched a brand new smart TV and the disappointment has come from the sound side of it, nothing could be easier. All you need is a sound bar, even if it’s a 2.1 system like the Samsung HW-R530. It is a basic bar, but with it you will notice a huge improvement, and the best of all is that now, we can find it for only 149 euros at MediaMarkt.

It is a bar that has 6 speakers, offering sound 2.1with a central channel specially dedicated to dialogues, and has a power of up to 290 WThe subwoofer is wireless, so there are no complicated installations or annoying cables.

Samsung Hw R550 Zf

Our TV and player can be connected to it, and it also has a USB portThe new version of the smartphone, from which you can play files with any pendrive, can also be connected to our smartphone by means of Bluetooth to listen to its contents.

It also has the system One Remote from Samsung which, if we have a TV of the same brand, allows us to pair the remote control with both devices to save us from having to use two and control both devices from the same.

Samsung Hw R550 Zf 2

At MediaMarkt they now leave it to us for about 16 euros lessThe price of the product is £5.99, reduced from £165, although in other shops you can find it for less than £200, so it is a very recommendable purchase, which does, however, have a delivery charge of £5.99.

If you want more information, you can find it all on the Samsung website.

Samsung Hw R550 Zf 3

Official price: 329

Price in other stores:

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