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1583533527 the SanDisk Ultra 256GB today on Amazon for only 35.49
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the SanDisk Ultra 256GB, today on Amazon for only 35.49 euros

If you are one of those who is always carrying movies, music, videos or programs from one computer to another and therefore need a high capacity pendrive that is fast to write and read, you can take advantage of the great offer we have today at Amazon for the SanDisk Ultra with 256 GB of capacity, reduced to 35.49 euros.

There is little we can tell you about a USB 3.0 drive that holds so few secrets. This SanDisk Ultra is a pendrive with plastic body with a ring for carrying it on the key ring, and with a sliding connector, to protect it when it is not in use, its weight being only 13.6 grams.

In this offer, he offers us a not inconsiderable 256 GB capacity and in addition to being USB 3.0, it reaches reading speeds of up to 100 MB/s although the manufacturer does not declare the writing speed, which we already know is the one that really matters.

Sandisk Utra 2

For this flash drive, we have a sale today of 8.80 eurosfrom yesterday’s 44.29 euros. In addition, when the price exceeds 29 euros, Amazon sends it to our home for free, and in just one day, if we are Prime or if we use the free trial of the service for a month.

You can find more information on the SanDisk website

Sandisk Utra 3

Official price: 41,99

Price in other stores:

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