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the vacuuming robot Roomba 671, only today, at Amazon, costs 189 euros

For those who want a vacuum cleaner robot iRobot spending as little as possible, today is the day, because Roomba 671 is back on sale (only today), on Amazon, at a very 189 eurosand only 9 above the lowest price it’s ever been.

As we have already told you more than once, with this robot, from the iRobot entry level range, you will be able to forget about the maintenance of the house cleaning, just by pressing the su Clean button when you want it. But, unlike other basic models of the brand, with this Roomba you can also control it from your smartphone, since it has WiFi connectivity and the corresponding app to do so.

As in other models, you can also delimit the areas in which it must work by means of the Virtual Wall that goes with it.

Roomba 671 2

This robot performs its tasks in three stagesIt is possible to use it in several passes, insisting on the most persistent dirt, thanks to the optical and acoustic sensors it incorporates. And it is capable of overcoming obstacles and falls, thanks to its iAdapt Navigation Systemand can even work on carpets.

Lately, this model was being priced at 229.99 euros on Amazon, which leaves us a saving of about 41 euros plus shipping, which is free, as always.

If you want to know more about some of the different Roomba models, come to Angadgets Home, where we will expand it.


Official price: 349

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