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the Xiaomi Mi 9T version 6GB+128GB, is available for only 269.99 euros on eBay

This week, we once again have an excellent price for the Xiaomi My 9TA complete Android terminal that, on eBay, with the coupon PQ22020 you’re stuck in an inexpensive 269,99 euro.

A real bargain for a recent and very balanced smartphone; an Android of medium-high range, with version 9 of the Google operating system, which offers us a generous 6.39-inch AMOLED screenwith Full HD+ resolution. Behind it is the powerful 8-core Snapdragon 730 processor, accompanied by 6 GB of RAM memory.

In terms of storage capacity, the mobile of the offer is the superior version, which has 128 GBHowever, they cannot be extended using MicroSD cards.

In the photographic section, we have, on the one hand triple main chamber, with 13+48+8 MpIt is a little fairer than the E9, but what is really striking is its Pop-Up” front camera with 20 MpIt is hidden to leave more space on the screen, avoiding the notch.

Other features include an on-screen fingerprint unlocker, or a high-capacity battery with 4,000 mAhwith quick and easy loading. USB-C.

We can choose it in any of the three colors in which this terminal is sold (red, blue or black) and, thanks to coupon PQ22020 we will be saving about 30 euros compared to the regular price, without a coupon. Compared to other stores, the savings are even greater. In addition, we will have free shipping and PayPal payment available to us.

You can find more information in our analysis in Angadgets and on the Xiaomi website.

Xiaomi E 9t Pro 2

Official price: 449

Price in other stores:

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