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To kill the boredom of staying at home, you have again on Amazon the Fire TV Stick for only 24,99 euros

Are you bored at home these days? Do you have an Amazon Prime account? If so, you have no excuse not to enjoy the content you can have through the Fire TV Stick from Amazon, and more, if they let you have it at prices like these, for only 24.99 euros. A price that’s a real laugh for a device that can turn your old TV into a full-blown smart TV.

With this small streamer, the main function is to be able to access all the multimedia content offered by Amazon Prime Video or Music on your TV. Exclusive series such as Hanna, Good Omens, The Man in the High Castle, Jack Ryan, The Boys or the most recent Carnival Row o HuntersThe latest version of Amazon Prime Video itself will be available to you. You can also enjoy lots of movies, or services such as Netflix and others, directly from your remote control through the pre-installed apps.

Try Disney+ free for 7 days

Try Disney+ free for 7 days

But we can also install other apps that do not come with it, since, as an operating system, it uses an Android TV fork, so most of the Google Play apps are within our reach. So, for example, we can stream from our computer with Plex or VLC, or install games on their 8 GB capacity.

With it comes a comfortable and simple remote controlwhich gives us access to all the functions of the Fire TV Stick, and that, Now, it also offers the possibility of controlling it with our voice, thanks to Alexa.

As for the device itself, you won’t find anything easier to use: it just needs to be connected to the TV’s HDMI and to the power outlet, giving it a connection to our WiFi, without even introducing our user, since, when ordering, if we don’t indicate that it is for a gift, Amazon sends it to us pre-configured for our Prime accountThe only thing left to do is to enter our password.

Although we already have a 4K version of the Fire TV, this is perhaps the model that makes the most sense, since, 4K smart TVs have as standard or allow us to download the Amazon app that gives us access to its contents, and these are already 4K, while it is in older TVs, Full HD in general, in which we can use the streamer as many of them are not smart: in them, with the full HD resolution of the original Fire TV Stick, we’ll have more than enoughand for a bargain price like this.
If you’ve ever taken a look at it, you’ll know that this basic Fire TV has a regular price of 39.99 euros. So, if you buy it right now, you’ll be saving 15 euros and shipping costs only if you are already a Prime user or if you take advantage of the free trial of the service for one month offered by Amazon, as it does not exceed 29 euros. However, although there are other possibilities thanks to the installation of apps, in order to enjoy it to the full, you will need to have this subscription, which offers you exclusive films and series for a very attractive price.

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Official price: 39,99

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