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Home » Without resorting to import, you can get the 32GB Apple TV 4K for only 170 euros if you order it from the eBay app using the PTECH5 coupon

Without resorting to import, you can get the 32GB Apple TV 4K for only 170 euros if you order it from the eBay app using the PTECH5 coupon

We have more ways to take advantage of the PTECH5 coupon from eBay. For example, with the Apple TV 4K which, in its version of 32 GBit’s only for 170 euroswithout leaving the national market, and whenever we ask for it from the smartphone app.

As we’ve told you on a few occasions, Apple’s mini player puts your remote control within reach all contents of the iTunes StoreWhether it’s a movie, series, or music video, it now comes with the best resolution, the UHD 4KFor content that is already available, while content that is not, is overscaled and if you have purchased it, xs is updated as it gets higher resolution in the Apple Store.

And it doesn’t just offer content, also lots of apps from the App Store to enjoy them on the big screen, including gamesThe newest version of the game is the “Game of the Month”, which includes a number of utilities, so if you don’t like playing games on the small screen of your smartphone or tablet, but are attracted by the games available for them, you can now enjoy them comfortably from your sofa. This time, as we said at the beginning, the offer is for the 32 GB.

Viene accompanied by the remote control of Apple’s new generation, which features touch panel to make things even easier for you, you can even interact with this device through your voice, thanks to Siri.


This model has an official price of 199 euros, so we can get hold of it by saving 29 euros as long as we use the PTECH5 coupon and order it from the smartphone app. In addition, the seller is MediaMarkt, so we can buy it with the complete peace of mind of having a 2 year European warranty. Shipping is free and payment can be made via PayPal.

If you want more information about the new Apple TV, you can find it on the Apple website and in our analysis in Applesfera.

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Official price: 199

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